To be connective

Connect people to community for sharing life

Connect customer to provider for better relationship

Connect your solution to community, make it valuable


Creative, enthusiastic

Outstanding idea and top-notch solutions

Make truly value for community


To be together

Bring perfect service to the other with all our sprit and love in technology

hearme is a customer feedback system - a smart solution for improving business – customer relationship. A compass to provide products that customers need.

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This is an image news and face search services. It’s easy to follow your idols, your styles, etc. on the Internet, easy to share and search.

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Linkedface++ is a facial recognition platform. It’s completely free to use. With Linkedface++ platform, making face application has never been easier

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Linkedface Crawler

Linkedface crawler is production, ready-to-use crawler, based on Apache Nutch 2.x. It's available for you in Amazone market place.

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FaceChecker is an IoT surveillance camera system, use LINKEDFACE++ platform for recognizing human face appearing in camera. It’s open source, under MIT License

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IoT (Internet Of Things) system

Let IoT to be your eyes, your brain. It oversees, make right decision and report to right person

Search service

We focus on image search for diversity of search types: facial, object search

Computer Vision

Using OpenCV and others as an engine for data processing: human face, fire, object

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